Saturday, October 22, 2011


Look at our MEN...all sexy on the big truck!
Hagen laying on the horn!
I just love the faces my child makes. You can't smile Charlie...just once?

There's a smile!
Ready for the catepillar roller coaster! (I secretly like this ride!)
My sweet friend Sam.
Thumbs up!
I've got my mouth open...surprise!

I love funny pictures of myself!
In the firetruck!
Rolling with my homey!
Hagen driving.
Checking out the passengers.

I'm glad Hagen hung on to the steering wheel the way he did. That corner was tricky!

In the dinosaur!

How about these smiles!!!

Ready for the roller coaster again!

Hold your hands up!!!

I highly recommend going to the fair with your friends. It's just more fun with more people! We had full intentions of gorging ourselves on fair food, but were slightly derailed with our idea to eat mexican first. This meant NO fair food for us...not a single bite of all that fried food. My body later thanked me for that ;)
We must make this a tradition to go together!!!

On The Lake!!!

We had to throw a line out to him. He was NOT interested in returning back to the boat. He was VERY content in the water.
At Chimney Rock!

Charlie wanted to do some jumping of his own!

I love how he keeps his eyes closed!

Ready to head out. (Again my pics loaded out of order.)

This is Tommy Tubberville's house...still for sale.

Feeding the goats on Goat Island!

Yum Yum! Aunt Melissa packed an awesome lunch!

We named him Billy and he STANK!
This boy right here would've stayed in this water allllllll day!
Dada jumping again. I think it's funny that his form was the same for each jump!

We LOVED our time on the lake. A special thanks to our cousin Johnny, who spent the day driving us around the lake. The water was beautiful and warm. We had a picnic, fed the goats, toured the tornado damage, stopped here and there to swim, spent some time on the tube, and looked at all the mansions. It was a most wonderful day!


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