Saturday, August 13, 2011

Charlie's 3rd Birthday Part VI-Ice Cream Cup Cake!

Waiting on me to adjust my camera settings. He's gotten used to this by now, as you can see.
Getting a good look at those freckles! I know one day we will thoroughly enjoy looking at his precious little face before all the freckles took over!
He's showing off a new freckle he found on his elbow.
See it Moma?
Just in case I haven't got enough of this precious face, I threw in another shot.
A real close look at the freckles. I have confessed my obsession over certain things. This time it happens to be freckles.
Making faces.
Planning his strategy.
Waiting on me to give the go ahead.
One sweet, ice cream filled cup cake!

Ready to dig in!

Wondering just how he is gonna eat this thing!
That'll do!

Even the cup was chocolatey edible!

Gimme a kiss!

He finally resorted to licking the cup cake.

I LOVE my days at home with my love. Even though his birthday was the day before, we continued the celebration the next morning just Charlie and I. It was too windy to light a candle, but he had a candle a plenty at the restaraunt the night before. We also enjoyed ice cream cookie sandwiches this day as well. I mean, is there a better reason to break your diet than your child's birthday and his plea for you to eat ice cream with him?

Friday, August 12, 2011

Charlie's 3rd Birthday Part V-FOOTBALL!!!

A football helmet!!!
Complete with pads and jerseys!
Liking the feel of things!
Snapping on the chin strap.

Waiting patiently for the process to be complete.

All steady now!

This is the signal for Tech. I am unfamiliar with this well, because Tech is not in the SEC and I don't see the point in watching any other conference. I mean, MY TEAM is the current National Champs. War Eagle!
Teams aside, these two are my true loves.

I have been watching football lately as it is that time of year PRAISE THE LORD. Charlie is an avid football fan, as am I, and needed a helmet. Due to the area of the country in which we live, Auburn gear was not available. So, we had to settle for Dada's team. Maybe we can aquire some NATIONAL CHAMPION gear during our upcoming visit home :)

Charlie's 3rd Birthday Part IV-In Tune With Himself!

A very special present!
Remember the web cam and Charlie focusing more on his image in the computer than opening his presents? Well, it continues here.
And here.
Dada came in to redirect the poor boy! Such a ham. Wonder where he gets that from;)
Short lived, but at least he's touching his present instead of making faces at himself. Progress!
His first peak at his present!
And just like that-he's playing the guitar!
Dada performing some fine tuning!
Enjoying the sound.
A first lesson.
Lots and lots of practice!

He prefers to sit while he plays. Maybe with a strap his new instrument will be more easily managed.

Like catching up with an old friend, he and his guitar instantly connected and sprung forth a beautiful noise!
He decided to do some fine tuning of his own!

I took so many pictures of my little rock star playing his first guitar so I would have plenty to show off when he becomes a famous musician:) Seriously, they will come in handy!


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