Saturday, November 5, 2011

Trick or Treat!!!

These are my men. Yup, I claim all of them!
Handsome looking folks!
Uncle Heath-always trying to start something!
Excited about the carnival! Charlie sure is a loved little boy!

The bean bag toss, with my lovely friend Randi Sue!
The dinasour dig! This was Charlie's favorite, two years in a row!
Sweet thang!
Back in the dirt!!!

Here's my peeps!

Having fun with the ducks!
Asking for another turn, minus the ticket, but who could resist those eyes?

One of the reasons I love my husband...this embrace.

Back at the dig.

Charlie and his friend, Hagen.
Charlie was obviously not feeling it, but Hagen was living it up, busting out the smiles!

Presh! (of Hagen!)

My sweet friend taking on our children.
Our neighbor, Bruce, whom we love very much.
Heading out. See all those lights in the background? They were pickups and trailers FULL of children. This town LOVES some kids!
Going to Mama K's!
Everywhere we went was shoulder to shoulder with kids.
Kirk and MaMa K!
On to the next one!
Sue Sue!!!
"Trick or Treat!"


"Sherry!!!!" Charlie recently fell in love with this wonderful woman!

Halloween was SOOOOOO fun this year! I fell in love with our little town yet again. Safe, secure, tucked away from the "modern" world, we thrive on each other. I was shocked at the sight leaving my door as I looked to see a street FULL of Trick or Treators. It was a scene from a Hallmark movie for sure. I will take better photos next year to prove this lovely event.

Pumpkin Farm!!!

Petting the pig!
Feeding the bunnies!

Charlie and his Big D!!!

Love these folks!!!
See me in the reflection?

NOT wanting to smile in front of this pumpkin!
NOT wanting to smile in front of this pumpkin either!

Having fun with the goats!

Having fun with My Miss.

Cool Dude!

Finding his way through the maze!
Getting a little advice!
Headed to the slides!

I was scared!

Got the camera back!

This was definitely a TX sized volleyball!
Dada is such a good sport!
Making his way through the ropes.

Getting a little help from Dada.

These are the kinda shots that are taken of me! Thanks babe!
Hey My Miss!

Wheeling the food up to the "Golden Goat Bridge."

We were thrilled to share our annual trip to Maxwell's Pumpkin Farm with My Miss and Big D. From the petting zoo all the way to the hay ride, we did it all!


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