Saturday, April 30, 2011

An Egg Hunt!

Because I was busy taking pictures like this...
and this for our community, I was unable to take any shots of Charlie during the egg hunt. So, we had to do something about that...
like have one of our own!!!
GENTLY placing his REAL egg that we boiled the night before in his basket. Never fear, as his hunt progressed he busted several of them in his excitement. It's fun to be a kid!

Love those little hands!
Taking a minute to observe!
Big D watching it all!

Of course we did this before we cleaned out the flower bed for the Spring. All those dead pieces are there no more. At least we have record of them now, lol!
Getting a little help from Dada!
O.K. this part is really sweet. My Grandaddy always put an egg in his pocket. He would then find me his favorite kid out of the whole bunch at our family famous egg hunt and give hints for me them to find the egg. Shhh...don't tell anyone, but one year, he hid the GOLDEN egg in his pocket for me to find. I wanted that thing SO bad and had never gotten it. He got my attention, shhhh'd me, pulled me to the side and told me to look for one more egg. I never told anyone, well, until now that is.
Looks like he's spotted it!

Checkin' it out to make sure it's real!
Lookin' over the goods!

How sweet memories are! It's sweeter still to make your own. We did just that this year!

A Special Visit!

Excited about his visit from the Easter Bunny!
Going in for a closer look!
A cute pen he found another use for!
The star in the basket...
Another Pottery Barn Kids towel. He just loves those things!
Standing back to soak it all pun inteded (AH HA)!!!
Giving his big fish BIG kisses!
Joy over getting wrapped up!
Oh I love this face and this smile!

Check out that tongue!
Charlie size bubble gum!
Doing what he does best...filling that face with sweet treats!

This Easter was extra special with the fam being here and contributing to the basket. We spent most of our time laughing at Charlie together. Charlie made the most of his visit from the Easter Bunny. He keeps asking about him. I tell him he had to hop on back to his home to get ready for next year. Sometimes as parents we just wing it  know best!

Here we go again!

Our own piece of Heaven.

Lovin' on My Miss!
Playin' with Big D!

Giving "nose kisses" to NaNa. My Miss taught me this when I was younger. However, they were termed eskimo kisses then. I have tried and tried to teach Charlie the appropriate term for "nose kisses," but he holds on to his term!

See there, I told you I would never use this studio again! Isn't it just fabulous for being free out in the middle of nowhere? I just LOVE my precious family! They are the BOMB!!!

Easter Sunday!

EASTER!!! We love EASTER!!!
We also love our church. That Sunday we baptized six people. It was a sweet ceremony. Husbands baptized wives, grandfathers baptized grandchildren and friends baptized friends. Our church hollered and clapped as each person rose with Christ. It was AWESOME! Having my family there made it all even better. I miss them SO SO SO much.
My child is so affectionate, as you can see here. I hope he never grows out of that. He's so precious. The two girls here are my bff's kids and are also Charlie's bffs! Keepin' it real we trade kids and dogs often!

The FAM is Here!

The family came!!! NaNa flew in Thursday. Here's how we spent that evening. As you can see, it began with eating chocolate. We always never eat chocolate for supper. In the last pic, Charlie is still enjoying that smooth goodness.
You know the question: If you were stranded on a desserted island, who would you choose to be with? I think I might actually have to say chocolate. I just LOVE it so much!!!


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