Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bath Time!

The looks he gives are hilar!
This bubbly cup is his best friend. This collection of cups were once used by me at my Grandmommies!
Again with the looks!!!

Breathing treatments, Charlie style!

Using the mask!
P.S. This didn't last as long as I hoped!
Playing with those toes!

Occupied by games on Dadda's phone.
Seth does this alot! See what being married to me will do to ya?
Trying the mask again, with a dose of distraction added in!
Love these hands!

We've had to exercise breathing treatments again. Some cough thing is going around and OF COURSE we caught it. The good news is that now Charlie can sleep through the night without being propped up in the recliner with Momma.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Our Vega morning!

Presh Curls!

Notice the shirt?
Studying the dogs.
Fastly approaching to (insert high piched voice) Squeeze Those Cheeks!

Watching the dogs go bye bye!

Every Friday morning AS SOON AS Charlie wakes up, we head to Route 66 Coffeehouse to visit with our friend Andy, and drink coffee. Yes, Charlie loves coffee. I emphasized as soon as because we are still in our pjs when we do this. (Our local coffeehouse is drive through only.) Living in a small town, we see Papa drive by. A quick, on the spot, phone call retrieves him. He sweeps away my, over-joyed little one at seeing his Papa, and off they go. Not looking forward to going in public in pjs, I stay put for a while, doing one of my most practiced talents: TALKING! Sure enough, Papa and Charlie return. I should say here that we took the dogs along for this friendly outing. Upon returning home, I HAVE to photograph Charlie's acquired chocolate mustache. Being aware of the dogs in the front yard, I keep a close eye on them. Sure enough, when I spend about 20 seconds honed in on that sweet, little chocolate mustache, off they go. I should have known they were up to something because Charlie was oh so still. I turn around to check on them and they are GONE. Across the street I locate them. I call...and call...and CALL! Looking RIGHT at me, they chose to venture off in another direction. With speed behind me, I sweep up my son and land in the car. Sure as shootin', they come a runnin' and load up for the car. One should know that our town is a mile long by a mile wide and I am LOUD. I am sure the whole town took note of my frantic, then ANGRY call for my dogs. This story has a happy ending and ALL of us returned home safely!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A "night night" horse.

A sweet friend of ours gave Charlie this "night night" horse. He loves soft things, as he always has, and cuddles up with his friend every night. By morning, he is photogenic again!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Our First Snow!

There's something about snow on the ground that says, "Christmas!" It's now officially winter. I was wondering if Old Man Winter was coming our way. It was 70 degrees here yesterday and began to snow in the night. What a difference a day makes.

Fun on the Playground!

Charlie loves to climb to the top and look over!

The spiral slide is his fav!

This "big truck" is his new best outside friend!
Learning his see saw!
He loves to push his big truck down the slide before he goes.
Down he goes! See his big truck down there?

He also loves the swings!

As you can see, this playground was a GREAT investment.  We are planning on enclosing the bottom soon to allow for a playhouse and a warm place for the dogs during the winter. As for now...we spend a LOT of time outside!


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