Saturday, February 26, 2011

A little time back home.

Resting in NaNa's bed. Aaaahhh...
Getting friendly with Coop.
A gentle nudge.
Charlie's favorite thing in the world?-DALTON!!
Reaching out to Dubaby.
Going in for a closer smell.
He's gonna getcha!

It's in the blood I have learned. You either like horses, or you don't. As my son would say, he doesn't just like Dalton, he NEEDS him! Going home is so much fun. Charlie loves feeding fish with NaNa, feeding the ducks with My Miss and Big D and he especially loves spending time with Pat Pat and Susu riding Dalton, feeding the cows and riding the tractor. 

Let's remember the hair!

Love this halo!!
The zombie mode-toons are on!

Curls! Curls! Curls!

I see these photos and I sigh. Hubby sees them and sees a girl. Hmmm...what to do? Find a compromise and cut, but not much! Hey-this is the ONLY time I will have his hair the way I want it.

My boy loves to bathe!!!

"You o.k. Charlie?" I ask several times during the two hour baths my child loves to take. "I o.k. Mommy." I hear in response. Even after wrinkled fingers and toes, cold water and no more bubbles, he wants to stay in the tub. I've even drained the water and filled the tub up again so he can be warm. There's no harm in spending half a day in the tub right?

Let it snow!

The "aftermath."

We haven't had as much snow as we are used to in these parts, but we will take what we can get in the form of moisture. I don't mind the snow at all as long as it falls on the days I don't work and is gone by the days I do. I'm a simple girl, it doesn't take much to please me.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Cuttin' Curls!

One last look at the long hair.

Getting ready.

Here we go!
Snip snip!

A temporary mohawk!
See how long it was?

Some fell on his hand.

Taking a look in the mirror.
Oh the faces!

Taking it well.
Checking himself out!

Guess who loves having his hair cut? I gave him a piece of gum and he was set for the night. He sat still, kept a close check of himself in the mirror, and smacked away. He made no fuss of the water being sprayed or the curls falling in his face. He was happy to be there. After he was finished, he asked if he could have another haircut! Gotta love kids!


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