Friday, December 3, 2010

Making rice crispy treats with Na Na!

Excitement brewing over the news of making rice crispy treats!
I love you Na Na!

Already he's snatched a marshmellow!

Oooh, that was good. I'll have more please!
O.K. I'll watch and learn.
Charlie is such a good helper!

Leaning in for a closer look!

Goey goodness!

Man! These are good!

It happened AGAIN!!!

Why in the world am I not able to manage a FREE blog? EVERYONE I know is able to have a free blog. After all, don't they advertise them as FREE? After ALL the headache beginning a new blog caused me, I decided to just go ahead and PAY for a blog. Now, will you (blog gods) PLEASE leave me alone and just let me BLOG?

Oh Christmas Tree!

I begin decorating our tree with the topper.
Charlie begins decorating by playing in Momma and Dadda's bed.
After attaching himself to my leg and being drug down the hall, he decides to join us!
He became very partial to these candles and would decorate with ONLY those!

Pointing to his next candle's destination.

Na Na's a BIG help!

Taking a moment to decide if he's satisfied with his work.
...and this ONE area received his favor!
Here are some of my fav ornaments.

Another view of the top. I am especially happy with the green, swirly sprays. I think they are very FUN!
This baby is LOADED!

Ending it all with delicious cinamon rolls! Don't you want one now?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bath Time!

The looks he gives are hilar!
This bubbly cup is his best friend. This collection of cups were once used by me at my Grandmommies!
Again with the looks!!!


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