Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sleeping Boy.

This is why I am unable to sleep when I have to share the bed with Charlie. I usually rotate to the couch. If Dadda and I are both in the bed, Charlie still ends up like this only his body is stretched across ours. Even in the the event that we all sleep in a king bed, Charlie still sprawls out cross ways!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Livin' it up with Pat Pat and Susu!

Christmas day with my Dad's side of the family.
Newlyweds! Remember your first Christmas together?
Explaining toons to Susu!
Haha May May, I just tooted!
The famous Charlie pose!
Petting the kitties with Pat Pat.
Petting the horses with May May. This is Dalton in front of Charlie and May May, whom we still hear about daily.
Now, time for the BIG present! He sees it! He is SO excited!
Wait, are those eyes still lit up for the jeep?
He fooled us all! He went right passed the jeep and was overjoyed to see the DOGS!

O.K. now we've got his attention again.
Learning to steer...we are still learning to steer!
I love his little foot on the petal!
All aboard!
A big thumbs up! I think the only place Charlie would rather be than on a tractor is on the back of a horse.
Heading out to feed more cattle.
Hey Momma!

Love these boys and love these curls!

Notice the cow on the left? The tense one? Yea, she wasn't so sure about my hubby!
She decided he was o.k.
These two are lovin' this!

Here I come Momma!

This is another famous Charlie pose!
Hitchin' a ride with Pat Pat.

A view from the front porch.
Running with May May and Emmy.
Another round in the jeep.
The looks he gives just crack me up!

Emmy's having fun too!

As you can see, going home is A LOT of fun for us! We had a blast with Pat Pat and Susu and spent New Years Eve playing games till about 1 am! Charlie still talks about feeding the cows and riding the tractors and horses everyday.  

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Having a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Our tree Christmas morn. We celebrated at my aunt's home. We all gather and spend Christmas Eve night at my aunt and uncle's home.
Here he comes! He was teething and DID NOT feel well. He made the most of it inspite of it all.
Taking it all in, deciding where to go first!
He LOVED this basketball!
The new thinking pose! He took a break from etchescetching to ponder! *presh*
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!
Sweet embrace.
Having fun with My Miss feeding the ducks.
I continue to catch a lot of flack for maintaining the length of these precious curls. I just love them.
Sweet kisses on a wall made out of love!
This is a windchime of sorts. When it rains, the droplets fill each cup and move to make sound. I have always loved ringing this myself and now Charlie does too!
Riding the lawn mower with Big D!
We celebrated New Year's Day at NaNa's house. As you can see, Charlie is cleaning her windows for her.
I love this woman!
Lovin' each other!
A cozy fire!
Watching the rain fall!
Charlie loves feeding fish with NaNa!

We learned we have a musician in the family! This boy TOOK to the harmonica. We enjoyed concert after concert after concert!
NaNa's zipper peas are my favorite and a must have when we visit home. They are so delish!!!!!
Our spread for New Year's lunch. Our tradition has always been to eat at my grandmother's house. Since her death, we have had to make adjustments. In her honor, we used all of her dishes for our bounty.
Whew! That fire gets hot!
Reading the harmonica instructions and practicing!
Lovin' on Chelsea!

What a great time we had with our family. Christmas day was wonderful and family filled. We were able to visit both my mom and dad's family. New Years day ended with napping and football. The last New Years day we were together was before I left for TX and before my grandmother became ill. I wish we could have New Years lunch together every year. Traditions have become vacant in our home, with me leaving and my husband's mom dieing. As hubby tells me, we will begin our own traditions and deepen our love making strong memories for our generations.


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