Sunday, May 1, 2011

What about the mask?

Telling me they love me. Sigh...
Charlie, you are two!
Here, let me help you.
Gotcha Dada!
It stays ON Charlie!

Well, the mask got off to a good start, but didn't stay that way long. Charlie was NOT feeling it. It was a good idea and maybe will work once he's a little older.

An Easter Cupcake!

Cute cupcake! Check out the little grass!
Going for it!!!
Tasting the little peep! 
Uncle HEEEEAAAATH! Don't do that! 
Busted Uncle Heath! 
This thing's so good he even wants to eat the paper! 
Now he can chow down!

Aunt Kay blessed us with this precious cupcake! Charlie loved it for sure and was NOT into sharing so I am unable to vouch for its flavor.
We have plans for a chocolate molton cake night and I'm not sure I will be in the sharing mood either!

A Model in the Making?

I rolled up his little sleeves, you know, just to give him that kid GQ look!
I COULD NOT get him to stand straight and look at me. He didn't even have to smile. I just wanted a full frontal of all that CUTENESS!!!
Showing off his kangaroo inheretance, he jumped off the couch. Nope, never would stand still long enough for me to get that shot I wanted.

We snuck in a fast and furios shopping spree on the way to the airport to tell the fam bye. I love GYMBOREE. Here is some of their latest efforts on my precious thang. I was running late for work, had my hands full, but HAD to take some pics of my mini GQ.

Paula Dean's Chocolate Malt!

See those indentions there between his eyes? That is from having the cup pressed hard against his face to suck all that malty goodness right up!
Going for the goods!
Stunned at the FABULOUS taste!
And...there goes my boy. His new addiction is SPITTING. SPITTING!!! Where did he get that from? It's not like Dada and I walk around spitting. As you can see, it's quite the mess to deal with.

On a much more delightful note...Paula Dean's CHOCOLATE MALT!!! I've been doing very well on a said diet I have been on that doesn't allow things like chocolate, but with the fam being here, I decided to celebrate. This thing was FABULOUS!!! It calls for a pint of chocolate ice cream (Breyers has the BEST chocolate ice cream!), 1/2 cup of milk and 1/2 cup of malt powder. You mix that baby up and garnish with malt balls and whipped cream. Make sure you stand a safe distance away from others because HONEY, you will want to SLAP someone it's so good!


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